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Anybody Used Blue Magic?

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Nobody sells lexol around here for some reason, but Schucks sells this stuff called Blue Magic. It comes in two separate bottles, one is cleaner the other is conditioner just like lexol. And it even says on the bottle "Guaranteed the best you can buy."

Anybody know anything about it? Are leather cleaners basically all the same as long as it's not a 2-in-1 mix or something? Thanks

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It sucks.

Buy Lexol online, or find the two part Meguiars. (Cleaner / aloe) It works very well. Best you'll find at most places.

The only thing descent I've ever used from Blue Magic is their clay.

FYI Almost every Toyota, or Lexus dealer stocks Lexol. ;) Have a direct line to the bank tho, 'cause last time I checked at a Toyota dealer, it was about $8-$10 higher than what it costs to buy and ship online. (Per gallon)

Price premiums rule! LoL!

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