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Temp Sensor Loose... I Think Its Temp Sensor?


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I ordered some killer Taranza LSV tires and some awesome 17" rims. The deal was at Tire Rack.com.. From what I read the Bridgestone Teranza's are the best tires!

Here is the link..

www.tirerack.com ...... under wheels .........

17x8 Mille Miglia Action Bright

They are $259 at other sites but only 199 here (clearance). I decided to go with the metalic silver and not the chrome. Since I am joining the financial industry I have to keep things somewhat conservative.

My next step is XENONS, tint and 16" winter tires... My wife is supportive as long as all my paycheck does not go into the LEXUS!! I state "Lexus only cost 7k so compared to a new KIA I have 10k to work with!"

Next week I will post some pictures..

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nice choice chris i might be gettin these rims off tire rack pretty soon unless i can find a better deal but im going to wait untill my tread on my tires wears down so the current tires of mine wont be a waist

lol nvm the link expired already but im planning on getting the SSR GT3 Rims in gunmetal since i have a black LS but silver polished rims might look good also havnt made up my mind yet

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If you mount it in the oEM position it will be influenced by radiant heat from the radiator. I extended the wiring and mounted mind just behind the passenger side bumper fasia.

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