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Rear Spoiler

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Hi, folks; need some advice; bought an '01 CPO GS430 about two years ago; love it to death, even more than the new models. Question is, the guy who had it first had a rear spoiler put on; factory look-alike, but not anything-else-alike. It flutters at most any speed, and rattles when I close the deck lid.

Being an old (in all senses of the word) hot rodder and car guy and spending a few years in the speed equipment business, I got to know the various brands by reputation; which things were well made, which to stay away from.

But, not with Lexus stuff; SO, anybody want to volunteer the info about a new spoiler? Which brands are good, which are not? I'm about to replace the thing, but don't know what to buy or stay away from.

reply to john46mac@yahoo.com, if you will.



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I have this one on mine


not too OTT

I am going to get the lip spoiler for my G3. IMHO the stock spoilers with the brake light in look ill fitting. No offense to anyone. Just not my style.

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I have a 3-piece Rod Millen Lip.  It is larger than the previous one.  It cost about $300.  Here is a pic.  If you want other pics from different angles, let me know. 


Don't you have to debadge to install ?

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