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Tire Pressure

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I have 19" rims with BFG tires. The max is 50psi. Is this what I should try to keep it at? I dropped my car a little and have staggered rims so I want to keep the maintenance on the tires so I dont have to replace them every 6 months.

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Well in my opinion it could be set based on your driving requirements, I see you live in Hawaii and have both good and bad roads in places, is your car a daily driver or weekend warrior. You can change it's handling feel with tire pressure. So if your looking for a cushy ride ( which I suspect your not with 19"s proabably 245/35 front and a 275or 285/30 rear ) stay in the 32-34 range for front and rear this will give you a fair ride and help keep big pot holes from getting to your rim edge, if you want to play with it take the fronts up in the 40-46 range and see how you like the improved inital turn in response, yeah the rides degraded a bit but hey lifes full of trade offs, then take the rears up to say 2 to 3 lbs above and below and see what you think of the feel on your favorite stretch of road. Above should give you a good inital feel but the higher you go the more looser or overstreer feel you'll get same thing if you go too far down.. I run 18x8.5F 9.5R with Michelin Pilot Sport ps2's 245/40 275/35 and run 46/42 F/R but it's more the weekend warrior and not my daily driver.

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