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Turo Or Supercharger On A 94 Es300

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hey guys im new my name is jordan ....i have a questioni just got my lisence last month.....i bought a 1994 es300 gold edition lexus......and i planned on racing....so i need ur help to tell me whats better for the model i have.....a turbo or a supercharger i really need help on wich is better cuz i dont know my self and i dont want to mess up my car..... so if some one could send me a reply of wich is better and then how to install the one that is better that would be a big help please..... thnx my email is danlundstrom2000@yahoo.com

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Save $2500-$3500usd and have someone more experianced build a custom turbocharger. I'm pretty sure Sean McElligott is wanting to put a turbo on an early 1mz-fe if someone will drop it off at his house for a while.

Or pay about $3500-$4000usd to have the 97-01 TRD supercharger machined to fit the 94 intake.

Either way, any descent size turbo will kill the TRD charger in not just performance, but in powerband, and economy.

No offince, but you don't know anything, and shouldn't be doing this by yourself unless you plan on doing un-told hours doing research.

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i have done research on this topic since i was fifteen and thats when i started lokking at the lexus i have now...then when i was 16 i bought the lexus......but when i researched i really didnt find anything that was helpful..... \well i have aa question about another car i own.......i have a 1990 chevy corvette with a 350 in it....supercharged......no nos in it because nos is for wimps......but every time the supercharger kicks in the freakin belt breaks.....what do i need to do....????????and im having my dad help me fix up my lexus he used to be a mecanic and he built a 427 shelby cobra kit car................. but yea any advice that would help me is all im askin for thnx

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:rolleyes: If you did any research you would ask us where do you get supplies, not how to install one.

Buy Maximum Boost by Corcky Bell on ebay. It's $5. When you're done, resell it for $5.

It's great you say you have a vette with a s/c 350.

Saying that "nos doesn't count" is... I can't say that on this forum. How you add power has no bearing on anything. The simple fact that you have power is all that counts.

For the record, last time I checked... You shoot Nitrous Oxide into the engine. That would be n2o. I'm sorry.... NOS & NAWZ only exist in Fast and Furious where you can upshift twelve times in a row, and still only being going 65mph down the road.

AFA the S/C belts snapping:

1) Check the alignment of the system

2) Check the supercharger spins freely, and has adequate oil supply (most are self contained)

3) Buy the correct size belt

4) Get the correct tension on the belt / system

If you want to know what goes into installing a turbocharger on a '94 1mz-fe. Join Toyota Nation, and search for 1mz Turbo. You want to read every post Tony the Tiger ever made.

Original Thread

Update thread

After the transmission lost second, and third gears, and the engine had melted one piston ring, and one piston:

Rebuild update-1

Rebuild Update-2 (huge T66)

Another update

Making a new upper intake air chamber

Latest update, found old videos

His homepage is HERE

McElligott lives in the greater Chicago area. Tony lives in Toronto, Canada.

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