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Extended Warranty

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Hey....does anyone think extended warranty is worth having on my 2000 GS300?

I am about to get one for $1400 for 3 years or 36k? I have now 58,500 miles.

Let me know if anyone had any problems with the GS300 that was worth having a warranty?

Thank you

Seth :D

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Life comes at you quick and the most painful events are unexpected. I personally enjoy warranties and paying for the peace of mind but it really depends on the person. Lexus is known for their reliability however, all high-end cars have their troubles. How long do you plan on keeping the car? This may help you decide on whether or not you want the warranty and if you end up selling the car before the warranty expires, you may be able to sell the warranty with the car. Make sure the warranty is transferrable. Which company is offering you the warranty for $1400?

If you do a search you will find many threads pertaining to extended warranties...good luck.

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I was driving my car home that had 29000 miles from the dealership when I felt something like a flat tire. The when I pulled over, all tires were good, now I heard scraping. Couldn't drive anymore, noone was at dealership, next day I called they said happens all the time, make sure e-brake is released, feeling stupid, I checked but my rear diff was shot. Said known to happen at times. After doing some thinking and talking to other dealerships about what is done at the 30 k maint., and how long a diff. would hold out with no fluid, I concluded they forgot to refill the diff with fluid. They denied, but fixed no questions asked because of the extended warranty.

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I think it depends on the car. Thank god I had it for my BMW 5 series, but when my warranty runs out on my lexus.....not so sure it's necessary given lexus/toyota quality.

any link with an exchange of money is veiwed as a buisness, please do not post it again.

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