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Shell V Power On Sale.


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This is a new thing to me...a gasoline sale at my local Shell station. I don't get it. I'm sure it's a marketing ploy since the savings are not that much....about $1.30 per fill up for me.). You don't have to use one of thier credit cards either. Any of you guys have this at at the Shell stations in your area?


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thats the high octone stuff isnt it?

100RON (but we have different RON's between UK and US).

Its available in Europe, but not the UK.

Strange its on sale - I'm expecting to see it in the UK at a premium price (which would probably make you guys throw up :D )

V Power is the high octane. ;) Around here V Power is 93 octane. At one Shell station in the middle of nowhere south Louisiana they have 94 octane. I start to get nauseous as V Power gets over $2.60. Luckily, it's only $2.20 now!

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See that stuff all the time. It varies from station to station. Around here it is usuall all octanes that get the sale price.

On guy has Wacky Wednesdays, $0.06 off posted price.

The Mobil stations usually do theirs on Mondays to catcht the begining of the week fill ups. They usually run $0.06-0.07.

It makes the customer think they are getting a deal. It's marketing and whatever gets them in there.


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I was driving around Newark yesterday, lost in the ghetto, and I saw all the big ballons at the Shell stations talking a V power.

Hey look at us, we have ballons and Super Shell V-power gas for only $2.37 a gallon. Wow, whup-T-do. Just a marketing ploy in my opinion.

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