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Diy Y-pipe = Done, Turbo = On

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Two things to understand:

1) The car is uber rich, having not been run on the new pump, and I haven't re-tuned the SMT-6 to compensate.

2) The only sound deading is the Turbo. No muffler/Resonator

3) It was a *BLEEP*ty mic, so it's going to be more tinny than it really is (It's deep as a mother-*BLEEP*ing right now)

Because of 2 & 3 it's high, raspy and loud. I'll re-use the stock resonator to get the rasp out whenever I get around with it to kill the rasp.





In actuality, the only part hanging below the frame rails is the wastegate actuator. It peeps it's head down about 1". So no, I doubt it'll ever get ripped off. Maybe next time me and my friend get together for an Import Hill Climb it might get dirty. But that's the worst I think it'll ever see.

I really like how it goes wwwweeeeeEEEEEEEE .... SSSSssssss .... ER!!! That's cool =)

In short. If you're not Sean McElligott, Tony Lueng, or Justin,

My exhaust kicks your exhaust's !Removed!!!! :clap::lol:

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I may plumb back to the stock res. If I do that, I'll grab a spiral flow muffler (for a resonator) and a Borla Pro XS, or, or may not, and leave it venting to the atmosphere 'cause I like it, and I'm lazy. Either way it'll perk up & sound better when it's not so rich it's tripping over itself.

This has not so much to do with sound, and everything to do with the 14-15psi blowing out the biz end of the turbo.:cheers:

No "psssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" cause the turbo wasn't blowing into anything. Maybe this weekend.

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