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Order Of Events? Replacing Alternator & Ps Pump


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Now that I have better access to my leaking power steering pump, and I am taking everything apart (Monarch you are right it is easier to remove the radiator to gain more working space), I'm considering replacing the PS Pump while I am in there.

So at what point do I flush the old fluid? After the new pump's installed? I can't really do much now with my radiator hoses disconnected and the serpentine belt removed, but if I flushed with the new pump installed doesn't that contaminate the new pump?

Also, can't find on the forum exactly where the steering rack solenoid filter is accessed and how to clean it.

This forum has been amazing. Before this I've only changed the oil on my cars. Now I feel like a real mechanic (almost). I just hope I can put it all back together!

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I didn't bother but the shop manual indicates opening the PS reservoir inlet line and running the system dry and then putting in new fluid and bleeding the system the same way you would the brakes. Inlet tube into a container until no air bubbles and repeat as necessary.

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