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95 Ls400 Tsb Eg00396


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I have a 95 LS400 with 48,500 miles that has begun giving me problems. The course of events are as follows:

1 - Began experiencing "off throttle shock" and occasional stalling followed by a reluctance to start. Car would start after 30 minutes or more. But, car was not necessarily "warmed up" to operating temperature.

2 - Got a MIL with flashing TRAC light.

3 - OBDII scanner indicated ECT sensor faulty, but subsequently, following my Lexus shop manual, ECT sensor checked SAT.

4 - Checked wiring harness and all checked SAT.

5 - Tucked tail and took my car to Lexus. They pulled the same MIL code = ECT sensor. Lexus told me the ECT sensor "is the fix".

6 - Changed ECT sensor.

7 - Got a MIL with flashing TRAC light.

8 - OBDII scanner indicated ECT sensor fault.

9 - Car has deteriorated in ability to stay running when off-throttle, experiences dramatic off-throttle shock at even low speeds and shutters with constant throttle at times. It idles at a very low rpm and stalls if not coached with the accelerator. Once stalled, it is difficult to start - even after an hour.

Is this a classis ECU issue? My LS has ECU 89961-50220. All underhood connections, fittings, plugs, fluids, etc. are in SAT condition.

I have seen reference that TSB EG00396 may be honored by Lexus. If so, by which dealer/service centers? The local dealer in my current locale has proven useless - even after the ECT sensor change.

HELP, please.


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Yep, that's the TSB you're looking for "driveability improvement" to fix your problem I had the same thing on my 95 with the off throttle shock. Lexus dealer will not honor the tsb service without pressure from Lexus HQ. At least that was my experience. This is an expensive fix for a lexus shop to handle, and the dealership will not eat it without some forcefull words and brining in HQ. The ECM "ECU" unit is a couple thousand dollars, and it also requires the cruise control ECM, and new spark plugs to repair, as the TSB indicates. Trust me. It was a pain in the !Removed! for me to get the dealership I bought mine from to own up to it, even under their 90 day / 3,000 mile warranty that came with the car. They eventually did, and it fixed it, but it required Lexus USA and a threat of a lawsuit to honor their 90/3000 warranty to get it done. If you've got the off throttle shock problem, then it is with out a doubt the ECM unit and that TSB is the fix, no other cause, no reason to waste your time hunting for something else. That is the source of the problem. Remind the dealership that out of all the TSB's, this is the only one that is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by the manufactor to be done. It is also the source of a few complaints to the NHTSB "National Highway Transportation Safety Board" for government action to force a recall "which has not happened...yet." Stick to your guns on this man, they'll try every thing they can to stick you with the tab. You may have to float a certain % of the bill, but you shouldn't have to take on the whole thing.

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