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Fair '06 Gs300awd Pricing?

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Greetings. I'm new to Lexus and the Board. I plan on acquiring a 2006 GS300 AWD within the next month. I'm not getting the Navi & ML option.

How much has Lexus been letting these go for? I just want some benchmarks to ensure I'm getting a fair deal when it comes time to make the purchase.

I put in a request for Flint Mica w/ the black interior. Thanks! B)

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im not sure bout awd, but i just picked mine up on sat. mine was stickered at 45879 i think. i got it for 46K out the door. i was shootin for gettin it at the sticker price out the door so it worked out.

i am not sure if i paid too much... we will see what others paid. i am actually curious.

the gs3 with nav was stickered at 50409. i got him down to 51500 out the door until i decided i didn't need the nav (was also more than i wanted to spend).

decided to save the extra 5K to spend on wheels. just need to find some money for tires now...

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