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Installing Bluetooth Kit For 2004 Gx


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I recently bought the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth kit to install in my 04 GX. I have run the wires for the mic and found some helpful instructions on how to access the back of the nav. The problem I have is figuring out which wires I need to tap to hook up the radio mute line. Also would like to know where the lines for the speakers would be. The unit came with an external speaker, but I really would like to connect the unit to one of the driver side front speakers. Lastly, could you sugguest how I could access the power line?

Basically, all the wiring help. I'm okay with mechanically taking apart the car, but need some help with the electricals.

Attached is a diagram of the system wiring.


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Here is a thread over on Club Lexus that discusses hooking a phone kit's mute wire to a GX ML system:

There is no substitute for having your car's wiring diagram. The one for my 00 LS clearly shows the color of the mute wire on the amp. Instead I found two mute points in the OEM phone harness and used the one under the front armrest. Some Lexus vehicles have the mute on the head unit. From what I have seen there is no standardization in the wire colors used for the different functions among Lexus models.

A good audio shop or phone installer has docs for most cars or knows how to find the correct audio system wires by trial and error.

Playing the call through the audio system speakers may be a pretty tall order and most people use an external speaker which be hidden under the dash.

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One more post... Here is a thread from my favorite UK phone installer Terry (SIO Communications) on how to find a mute position:;threadid=843

Caution! Some on this forum have said that using Terry's approach of probing radio / amp pins with a test light can harm the electricals. His method is the one I used on our cars and which Blake918 recently used to find a mute point on his OEM phone harness.

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