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Hello - Back Pressure And Performance? Help!

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Hello fellas, I have a 2000 GS400.

There have been plenty of exhaust questions on this site however, NONE of them really address which type of exhaust (cat-back or rear section) will add the most performance.

Why is the Borla the ONLY exhaust that only has 1 muffler; is there a reason for this? I thought ALL dual exhausts (both cat-back and rear section) have 2 separate mufflers like the stock setup. What is the reason for Borla's one muffler; is it to keep exhaust back-pressure up in turn keeping low-end torque?

I heard for a N/A engines you do NOT want a large exhaust pipe because it reduces back pressure and could make your car "feel" slower. In this case why wouldn't everyone replace their stock exhaust for one with smaller piping; creating lots of back pressure = better torque?

Please help. I have read a lot of these posts and I think it sucks when people spend money on exhaust systems and feel their car is actually slower - what a waste. I think we all need some education on exhaust systems. Who will be the pro to help comment on this ONCE AND FOR ALL? Thanks; I know there are plenty of members out there that could shed some light on the subject.

Nick from Long Island

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What do you mean by 1 muffler?I have 2 Borlas on my 400!

I'm confused; I saw a pic on the internet and thought that there were two pipes connecting to one (1) muffler and then splitting again to the dual tips. Please let me know because this is the ONLY thing that is preventing me from buying this exhaust!

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Just a question... was looking for a forum that was talking about engine problems in the the GS400 family but saw nothing. So let me ask this here. I just purchased a 1999 GS400 about a week ago ... Lexus certified. The car stalled on me at a traffic light... chucked it up to being a fluke. Then it happened a 2nd time, same situation, at a traffic light. Both times car immediatley turned over and started ok ... no further problems. But because it's still under warranty took it back to dlr.

Service tech calls & says it needs a new "throttle body" or "throttle boost"... something like that. I cant remember now. But cost is $1,150. I told him it is still under warranty, so they are supposed to order part and put it in.

Is this something any of you have experienced? Car has 60,000 miles on it.

I wondering if they just grabbed at this as a replacement item. Hope some one out there can clue me in.


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