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Lx470 Antenna Replacement Help


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My 1999 antenna mast does not extend and retract fully because of a bent piece. I have a relacement mast from the dealer, and everything I've read on the net says that to remove the old I just need to extend the antenna and keep pulling. The mast should be free to remove.

This is not the case. The nylon gear shaft is still held tightly by the mechanism and won't let go. What do I have to do to free this thing up to take out?

Please help! :censored:

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Unscrew the bezel and fully extend the mast. Then have someone turn off the radio and hold the mast from going down. After 2-3 seconds of pulling on the past, have someone turn on the radio and pull hard on the mast. It'll come out all the way.

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Thanks for the advice. For anyone else who has this problem, I had to continually have the mast switched between up and down while pulling/holding the mast up. It would let about three inches up at a time, then stop. Each "down" cycle I would stop it from retracting by holding tighly. After doing this about fifteen times consecutively, the end came out.

-- Mike

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Hello this is my first post here. I have a 2002 lx470. My antenna mechanism is making some terrible noises and the antenna will not fully extend (only about 3 inches). I can remove the antenna, however, the motor continues to make noise. How do I get access to the mechanism? Any advice on how to replace the motor assembly? Thanks in advance!

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