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New Shoes And Tint


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jhawk, what are ya gonna do with the old wheels?

Mine are looking a bit sad, and I have no desire to go

beyond stock size. Heck, I'm not sure they're original;

while they had a Lexus logo on the center caps, they're

component style (with a ring of bolts holding the center

to the outer rim). I've lost the logo on one cap, completely

lost another, the coating is starting to come off the 'spokes',

etc.... Yours looked pretty good - let me know if you want to

sell them (assuming they'll fit a '93).

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Paul Sherman,

I will probably be selling my 2000 LS 400 wheels if you are interested. The tires are Dunlop 5000 Sport with about 4k-5k on them. If you are interested send me a PM

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The tint is 20% but the bad news it that I had to take the wheels of because they rubbed the rear tires with people in the back. I guess I am going to have to wait a little longer for wheels that will clear my calipers and that are the correct 35 offset.

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Does the rear window in LEXUS's come with a slight tint?

I think I am going to get 20 on the back and 35 in the front.. Cops sorta approve of this so they can see you.

Hey why your at it don't forget the Xenons..

So the 20" did not work out.. I guess I will have to stick with 17".

Your LEXUS looks great man!!

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Very nice. The new rims accent your Lexus perfectly. Perfect size and style.

Now what did you do with the original factory rims? Did you sell them?

Nevermind, hadn't browsed through the rest of the reply list before I posted the previous message. Too bad on the 20's. Couldn't you just get the raised rear shocks? Wouldn't that alleviate the problem occuring with the rubbing?

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Jhawk, I didnt even realize you had a space at car domain. I have wanted to set up somethign there. Right now I am borrowing space form Jeff Wheeler on my BMW forum. I might open an account there eventuallly just to save Jeff some space.


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There is less road feel increase than i expected. Most noticable at parking lot speeds.

On the HiRoad it actually feels better, I think mainly because the Michelin Pilot HX MXV4 is abetter tire than the Toyo.

I went from a 225/60/16 to a 245/45/18. I was looking at inflated circumference to fill the well.

Tirerack.com is helpful. Also try http://www.dakota-truck.net/ then link to the tire and wheel calculator.

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Hey... I think u did a great job with the lexus.... These cars are kinda tricky when it comes to getting new rims and tires and tint.. Ive seen a few that people screwed up with the wrong rims and stuff..

But yours.. looks great...

As far as the rubbing... Youre going to need to get stiffer suspension in the back.. It wont cause a rough ride.. but it will keep them from rubbing...



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