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Pefromance Chip

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i was talking to a friend at work and he said i could get a performance chip and it wouldnt void the warranty cause it is undetectable to the dealer now can someone tell me if this is true or not cause i would like to get a chip and not void my warranty..thank you

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NOT TRUE!!! <_< You should know better to believe some chump "at work". First off if it is a real chip for the ECU, by opening up the ECU your warranty is compromised. However it's probably one those 30hp gold resistor in a box mods that you see on EBay all the time for chumps! If it is you need to tell your supposed friend to get a clue about how cars work before he starts reccomending crap that only a sucker would put on his car. :lol:

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yea im gonna go the exhuast and the intake..thanks for the help bro..one more question are injen intakes any good cause im gonna have the dealer install it cause i dont want to void the warranty

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