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Trouble Codes 14,15,16,21,24


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Can't really help you w/ the codes for a 95 but sounds like you "got issues" and may need to seek professional guidance :( .

On a 1st gen LS 90 - 93 the codes refer to:

14,15,16 Failure in ignition timing circuit

21 Main oxygen sensor circuit

24 Air temp sensor circuit

The thing they all have in common is the ECU :cries:

Again, these codes may not be applicable to a 95. Maybe someone with a 95-97 can respond.

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I have a 1995 ls400 186,000, just bought it and these codes come up when I hold the auto and recycle or fresh air button, then turn the key to acc. What do these codes mean thanks! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know that that's how you can check the error codes. Where do the error codes display? Will this method work on gen 1s too?

I recall seeing posts where you have to touch wires somewhere in the engine and get the codes by counting number of blinks somewhere.

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I think it'd work on a first gen car too. All you do is hold AUTO and Recirc while the key is off. Turn the car on, but don't start it. The climate controller will beep and flash; then, any trouble codes will come up if there are any.

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