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How Fast Have U Gone

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haha wat a great story lol...ur parents didnt get mad...i would have taken my sons car away and grounded him 4 a month...lol

I was a rather independant teen and purchased the vehicle myself, so they couldn't exactly take it away.

Besides, now I'm 26, I drive a nice used Lexus (under 100mph), and I just graduated from law school. I suppose I turned out alright, so they couldn't have messed up too bad! B)

... but just for the record, they were really *BLEEP*ed

(I didn't now you couldn't say p"i"s"s"e"d" on this forum... that's crazy!!! :chairshot: :censored:

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got to 156 with a 99 gs400 just dropped in the SRT intake and engine mode. I couldnt believe it felt like the car had more just got a little spooked, by the feeling I had wings.....:cheers: ( Red bull gives you wings and a gs gives you POWER) :D

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Pegged speedo at 110 in the 2002 4Runner Limited. I think it was going faster than that because I was racing my friend in his Pathfinder Armada and said he pulled away at 115. Only mod for my 4Runner is a K&N filter, and full tank with octane booster in it.:whistles:

115 in my ES250 on a stretch of very flat very wide road on Route 7 in Fairfax County, out by Wolf Trap and Reston. Stock still. <_<

130 in my 850R before it was totaled. This time on I-495 in Maryland.

145 driving my friend's Audi S4, same stretch of road on Route 7.

148 (riding, not driving) in the Richard Petty NASCAR Experience. My dad is an urban redneck. He drove the fastest lap of the day there, at 146. The track was in NC.

Edit: My friend with the S4 just got his liscense revolked for doing 105 in a 55 zone. (again, on Route 7). He's only 17 and it was his 2nd ticket in 1 month. I believe anything that is 25 MPH over the posted speed limit is considered "intent to kill".

I have only recieved 1 ticket, and it was for:

1. Making a left hand turn with out my signal.

2. Having 3 other people in the car.

3. Windows tinted past 32% law. (all my windows in my 4Runner are at 50%, except the winshield)

4. Being out after curfew. (12 AM)


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i once got a ticket 4 running a red light....i drove the cop to my home (it was across the street) i didnt have my liscense either so i ran inside grabbed the liscense came back out in a second and said i had 2 pee so thats y i ran the red light...lol the cop bought it but i didnt get ticketed for not having my liscnese...thank god

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2004 Corvette Z06 - 156mph. Got there quick, but started approaching traffic, so I got off the gas. Never had a chance to peg it.

2000 Kawasaki ZX-12R - 180mph, GPS verified. Twice. Speedo showed 200 both times. Still had some more to go, but ran out of balls on the first one, and road on the second. B)

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haha  a ticket for going 120? never heard of n e one getting away with just a ticket didnt take u downtown or anything? just how much was the ticket n e ways just curious lol


I got a ticket for 122 in a 70 a few years back in my first 5.0 GT Mustang. If he were a little further down the highway he would have got me just over 130 cuz I never saw him (so never slowed down) until he was behind me about two minutes later on the same highway after I slowed back down to 75. Should of hit the exit.... Ain't that a !Removed!... My ticket was for $240!

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Believe it or not, I walked down a NC State Trooper on I-40 at 135 like the day after Christmas. I had been drinking and was chasing my ex-fiance (I should have known better). I slowed-down, but he still got me at 95 (No DUI though ;-).


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lets c who wins......

list your car, year, speed, and type of street (city or highway)

redline a 06 E350 benz to 90 on a street and 04 gx470 to 95 on highway

yah nothing to be proud of...

(list the fastest uve gone on street and highway)

thought this would be fun

You want speed? I'll give you speed...

** '70 Austin Mini 1000. 998cc of screaming British muscle. 4 lane hiway, long gradual downhill grade, slight tailwind. I pegged the speedo at 85 mph! Probably got up to around 90. You haven't tasted fear until you've sat in a tin shoebox with 10 inch wheels screaming down a hill at 90mph. Life-altering!!

** '71 Super Beetle. 4 lane hiway. Accelerate through the gears, put it in fourth and mash the throttle to the floor. Hold it there... hold it... you'll be doing about 75 mph in the blink of an eye (if it takes you about 20 minutes to blink your eye). The legends are true - the Beetle's top speed is also its cruising speed. You can sit there all day with the throttle floored, never lifting, and do top speed as long as you can stand the noise from the thrashing engine and the vague smell of burning oil wafting thu the cabin. How many Ferrari or BMW drivers can do that? A quick blast to their top end is all you get, if you're lucky. In the Super Beetle, I could get that rush of holding the pedal mashed to the floor for 2 or 3 HOURS at a time! True heaven for the speed freak. Add to this the excitement caused by any passing 18-wheeler (even in the opposite lane of a divided hiway) making your car dart about across both lanes like it's possessed. Who couldn't love that?

130mph in a GS400? Pretty mundane compared to these two speed machines.

Oh, and don't even get me STARTED about motorcycles!!


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1969 Mach 1 Mustang

130 - 140 MPH (speedo only goes to 120 but it pegged and went around to 0 MPH)

I-5 Nor Cal

Scary enough for me, I don’t think that cars where suppose to go that fast in 1969. Shaking, vibration like no other I would NOT do it again. I was in high school too, what I rush. Had to stop and take a smoke break after that

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I've gone 120 mph in both my 300ZX T.T. and (believe it or not) my 2 door 1995 4 cyl. Camry. The Camry actually had more to give but I backed off....affraid of a ticket.

I've also gone 165 mph twice on my 1993 CBR 900 (118 H.P. rear wheel) The bike redlines at 13000 in 6th gear...I was at 11500 when I came to my senses...

All were in the Phoenix metro area.

Can't wait to see what my GS400 will do.

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110 in a 50 in the GS, drunk, stopped by a state trooper, and beat the $260 ticket cause she never showed up to court

120 in a 70 in a Mitsubishu Galant ES, I didn't even know it could go that fast, DID NOT beat that ticket, damn GA cops!

Took my 1968 Jaguar XKE to 152 miles per hour on highway 680 in the San Jose area. I had just finished breaking in the 4.2 liter engine which I rebuilt. Incredibley smooth and very stable at that speed. For a car engineered in the late 50's I was really impressed.

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You do realize the rappers name is 50-cent, and the group he leads when he isnt doing solos is G-unit, just clarifing that.

Also, i hit 130 today on I-10, comin to louisiana, which is where i am now.

The GS3 had more left but there was too many cars and i didnt have what it took to see if i could dodge in and out of em.

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