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Hi People, Newbie Here


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Came across this forum googling on some ES300 stuff :). This is a really nice place with a lot of information.

As for me, I drive a 2002 ES300 now and I traded my 98ES300 for this one, so yes you can call me a Lexus fan.

Here's some pics of my car (It's all stock)-



Well, that's for now.. Will catch up with you guys later.


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Thx all for the warm Welcome....

She's got 36K on the Odo.... Got her 2 months ago.

Some dude in a Honda rear-ended her a week after I bought her, so had to get the bumper replaced :( , also more recently a truck threw a roofing tile at me on the freeway, so now I have a sligt crack on the Windshield (bout 3 inches).... More :(

(damn all roofs)

@Indiasfinest - yes, I am Indian :) (Bombay)

@LexusK8 - Nope, No Navigation. Maybe I'll get one in my next lexus ;)

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Wow. A new bumper? That's rough. The bumpers use on the gen3-gen5 Camry platform (92-present ES) are tough as nails. Normally they just bend a ton while busting the tiny mounts on the bottom.

I want some pics man, that dude hit you hard!

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@Toysrme: sorry man, don't have pics of the busted bumper. Yup, the dude did hit me pretty :censored: hard. You should have seen his car though, the Accord's bonnet and front was all busted up.

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