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Cigg Burn In The Headliner

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hey guys... when i bought the car there was a minor cigg burn in the headliner... :angry: its not that noticable but i notice it cause i am very anal about keeping my lex all nice and mint... is there anything that i could do to remove the little burn that i am afraid to touch for the simple fact im scared to make it look worse then it really is.. i read on here that a mix of woollite 5:1 helps with the headliner... should i try???? thanks guys :cheers:


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A 5:1 solution of distilled water / Woolite will clean a headliner, but it won't remove a burn mark.

What material is the headliner made from, if its a light coloured viynl and the burn mark has left a brown stain, a weak solution of peroxide may 'bleach' it out.

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