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Problems With Srt

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Looking for info on SRT. Seems like a small one-man operation, not any info on the website (like how long they've been around, qualifications, etc). They may be good, but I want Lexus quality or nothing at all. Seems like most people like the product, but I'm nervous about the ECU upgrade specifically. That isn't something you just sit down and develop, so what issues might I have with tinkering with my ECU, with a product some guy in Maryland threw together?

Getting ready to lay down $475, just want to do some reference checking first. I've heard the good stuff, so now how about the people who have had problems with SRT products?

And who else sells reputable Lexus intake/ecu upgrades?

One more: do you build a BFI around the intake, like on an SC? (I'm a new GS owner.)

Thanks again, I know I've had a lot of posts lately, but just getting up to speed on my GS430. Good info so far, keep it coming.

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So no issues or concerns, anyone? I have another email into SRT. I am still interested in who developed the daughter-board, and where they got the technology.

Will probably order today, since getting car next week.

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