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What A Day!


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Well, today was my biggest project eva! Rad fluid change and tranny fluid w/ new filter. I started off well. Got verything I needed drove to my grandmas and waited for the engine to cool. I went by Autozone before hand to get the coolant, lessened learned. More in a bit, and some containers for the coolant and trans. fliud. Got the car jacked up removed the shield and drained fluid. What is this cranberry discharge. Crap I said to myself realizing I wa wrong about the coolant. You see, throught the expansion tank it looked orange. I was just gona replace it with the orange stuff. I called Lexus and they sold it for , get this, $30 dollars a gallon! Called a local Toyota dealer and they sold it for $13. I had my dad leave worka nd get it for me because I coudnt move the car and I was blocking my Aunts van. So he went to get it and I started on the tranny. Pain in the butt!!! Unscrewed the plug oil everywhere. Undid the screws got the pan off and more oil. Took off the filter and guess what, MORE oil!! : ) Grabbed some kitty lter and was throwing it all over the place. Took all afternoon to clean that mess up. Installed the new filter, old one looked pretty good, gasket, screws. Good I was done. Added oil and went to the rad. It took forever because I am stupid and was tightening the front bolt instead of loosening it. Got it off. Made a 50/50 mixture and out it in. I think I got less the 3/4 of a gallon in. It kept overflowing. Puth the rest plus some extra coolant in the tank. Started the car went down a little. Right now it seems fine. I'm gonna check tomorrow though. Spilled a crap load of tranny fluid. I forgot to get as long funnel. Anyway, took the car to Autozone to dump the oil and take back the coolant and I noticed tranny was acting funky in the parking lot. Seemed like one time I shifted it didnt catch drive right away. Got back added some more fluid and kinda did the same thing again when I was heading home. I drove home and took the long way with all the stop signs to see how it felt and it seemed fine. Shifted nice and smooth. I dont know, I am kinda scared I messed something up but what? Well, I thank you for letting me vent and getting through all that. I will never ever do another tranny pan drop, unless its in the air, I spent the rest of the time cleaning the oil that spilled. and I smelled like that fluid all day. Dripped down my arms went all on my shirt and on my arm. Had to a ruin a shirt a I kinda stole. Dam! : )

Thanks for reading. Any questions let me know.

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Once you do 1 tranny pan removal/change the rest are easy.

The key is to loosen the drain first if applicable then open it by hand to remove the screw quickly to prevent any splashing.

Once the pan is dry (yah right) crack loose all the bolts slightly then from one corner slowly let a few bolts out .Then slowly loosen more bolts to let the pan slightly dip in the corner with no bolts to let the fluid flow out that end which is where the pan is placed to catch it.

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yeah, I should have gone slower. I drained it out and it kept having these little drips. I dint want them splashing in my face so I put the drain plug back on and undid the bolts. I hate cars : )


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