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Tires For 18' Rims


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Im ordering some 18' G-Spider rims for my 95 LS 400.

So i need some new tires, the tires currently ON the car (w/ 16inch rims) is 225/60 R16.

So im thinking i need 225/60 R18 right?

Please post some tires i could buy. I read a thread about Pirelli's Nero m/s or something, are those good?

Im looking for tires that have comfort first, then handling, and lastly treadlife.'


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For a 18 inch rim what is the width

i think 225 is not wide enough for an LS you should need more of a 245 40 18 tire.

Funny enough i have a set of an SC430 but i doubt you want them shipped but that is the size you should be looking for depending on the rim width

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They are 18x8, thats all i know about them, here they are


the 225 tire was the stock one, so you think i would need a tire this size right? 245 40 18

what about which tire to actually get, which brands are best?

If your going to an 18" size, no the 225 is not necessarily the correct size.

The size you need is 235 50 18 according to tirerack. And in that size, your best bets are:

- Michelin Pilot Sport A/S These are a fantastic ultra high performance all season, but you might have heart failure once you see what they cost! :blink:


- BF Goodrich g-force T/A KDWS


Those are your best bets....the Pirelli P-Zero Neros you mention do not come in that size, not do Falken's or Toyo all seasons. Good Luck! B)


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If 225/60/16 is the stock size, it has a diameter od 26.6. Here are diameters of the sizes posted above. The size that is closest and has not been posted is the one with the *.

225/60/18 - 28.6

235/50/18 - 27.3

245/45/18 - 26.7 *

245/40/18 - 25.7

Hope that helps.

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Alright, im pretty sure im going to go with the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S

I read the reviews and almost all of the LS400 owners were very pleased with them. I dunno how much harder the ride will be, but will amazing cornering and traction, it should make up for it.

I checked a site or two and tirerack actually seems to have the lowest price, ill look around a a lil more.


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