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Rear Lamp Indicator

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My rear lamp indicator (orange light the dash) stays on all the time. The owners' manual states that it will come on when the brakes are applied if a brake light is out, or it will come on when the headlights are turned on if a tail light is out. None of these lights are out. I do have one of the license plate lights out. The light came on after going through a car wash and stays one every time the ignition is on. Do I have a short circuit, or what is the cause? Thanks for your help.

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Do you have the brake light that is located in the center of the back seat area of the car? I had the same problem a few months ago and couldn't figure out what the problem was until a friend noticed that the center brake light was out.

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Thanks for the responses. The problem is solved. I had, in addition to the license plate light, one of the center mounted brake lights out. Both lights were replaced and the rear lamp warning light is now out. I just though it strange because I thought the warning light would only come on when I applied the brakes, instead of staying on all the time. By the way, my car is a 1996 ES300.

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