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1995 Ls 400 Seat Belts


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Just got back from a visit to the local dealer. The front seatbelts don't retract on my beloved ls 400. I know it's a safety hazard, but I really want to take the BMW high speed driving course at California Speedway this August and it will never pass tech inspection with these belts. So.....I went to the local dealer, their customer service rep said "the belts are dirty, we can replace them for $330 each."

I'm over fifty....OK...lately I think....how many hours do I have to work for that total jerk who has somehow managed to become my boss to pay for this.....is it really worth it????? So obviously I went home and pulled off the interior bits and cleaned the seatbelts. This didn't make the least bit of difference.

My question is " Will Lexus replace these seatbelt free of charge?" There seems to be a lot of people with this problem. Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.

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check this thread on top call 800 number at lexus tell them about the belts will not retrack this is a safety item so theyll advise you of what to do,they ll replace this for free since its a safety item, dont mention about the track meet , am not sure if this was a thread in here do a search

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My son took the '90 LS to the dealer in Monterey the other day for the seatbelt replace, and they were going to give him a new RX300 loaner! They found out he was under 21, and retracted the loaner. Good call on their part; his driving record sucks!

New belt is installed, matching gray, totally free of charge! Call the 800 number to get things started. If your in a hurry, this won't work. Total process took about 3 weeks.

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