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Transmission Fluid And Flush

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The dealer lied, :angry: ( can you believe that?), said the first owner had done all the 60K maintenance suggested by Lexus at the dealership. I got the SC 400 with 71K and just had that feeling that it would be better to go ahead and change the transmission fluid just in case it was not changed at 60K. It was not, in fact it came out so black and nasty that the maintenance guys said that it really should be flushed again. I did, thinking that this is a small dollar amout and is nothing compared to transmission repairs later.

Did doing a second fluid flush really do that much good?

I know most, if not all, transmission fluids have a detergent in them. I probably should have driven it some to get all the gunk out into the fluid and then do another fluid exchange with just maybe a hundred miles or so.

At this point, am I set for another 50k or should I do more to insure the transmission's long life? :unsure:



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