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Just Got A 03 Gx470//quick Question..cell Phone


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On the steering wheel at the bottom right there is a button with a pic of a face and soundwaves coming out of his mouth.. does this mean My 03 can integrate with a cell phone? How do I go about doing that.. The car didn't come with a owners manual

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That button is for giving voice commands to the navigation system.

I see is there any way I cn get a cell phone wired into the car?

no, that came out in later years with Blue tooth technology.

any link with an exchange of money is veiwed as a buisness, please do not post it again.

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I don't know any any reason why a BlueTooth or wired car kit for a portable handset could not be added to a GX. I've read that a mute point can be found on the Lexus Link wiring harness - to automatcially mute your audio system when a call is received or made. BlueTooth kits usually come with a small wired control module that adheres to your dash. A wired kit for a portable handset might entail mounting a phone cradle on a bracket or leather console. Blake918 recently installed a phone kit and hooked up the mute on his 95 LS - search for his recent post. I installed phone kits in our 00 LS and 98 Camry and hooked up the mute function on both.

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I am looking to add cell phone bluetooth integration to my 04 GX470 too. The popular kit is from Parrot, model CK3100. Here is a link: http://www.parrot.biz/products/index.php?id=ck3100

I was searching for the mute wire, Lexus sent me the 2004 Nav radio schematic in PDF. I'll attach it. I have not decided which mute wire to use. Maybe someone has a suggestion? I check out the Lexus Link mute.


Well, my attachement does not seem to be getting added. email me if you want the wiring diagram of the nav radio.

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