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New To The Gs Board, First Gs Coming In Few Days

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Sent this once, I thought, but its not showing up. Sorry if a repeat.

I've done a search on the forum, and not interested in buying cheap crap off Ebay that breaks after a year. I would like to stay with Lexus quality parts, and know some of the SC guys have cleared SC markers. Has anyone done this on a GS? I definitely want the clear on the black, but want it to look good.

I have agreed to buy a 01 430, black on black, with all available options and only 13.4k miles. Should be picking it up sometime in the next several days (seller lives two hours away).

May be asking several questions over coming months as I get to know the car. The SC and RX forums have already saved me a lot of money and time, and I've learned a ton.


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where in the world did you manage to get one of those with that low mileage and black on black ;) niice.

May I ask, how much did you spend on that beauty?

It was an ad on Yahoo, actually. The seller lives two hours north of me and we are trying to get our schedules to cooperate, should be first of next week. (The ad is down already.) This isn't one of those scam ads, either, I happen to know who this guy is. It was a third car and a beauty, I suppose he just doesn't need it. Final price was $30k, a pretty good deal for both sides, I think. Book was little less, but "book" doesn't really equate to market, as I'm selling my SC for over a thousand premium to book (95 w/55k miles).

I'm pretty excited about getting it. I'm having a friend fix up whatever little nicks it has along with a door ding that took the paint off. Then it should be flawless, inside and out.

I would like the clear sides, however, and a bra to use for my daily commute.

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I have clear side marker lights on my black GS. They look better than the orange and I also put in the white bulbs. I got the lights on ebay and I dont have any problems with them. If I remember correctly I paid about $30 for the pair.


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