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Recommended Independents In Fort Worth, Tx Area?

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I'm in need service for a timing belt, water pump, cam/crank seals, etc. Any recommended independents in the Fort Worth area? I'm debating whether or not to do this myself but with a good independent I'd probably same my time.



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Ya I talk to Jason all the time about turbo's and junk. He's the man.

All the time he's trying to expand his knowledge also. Doesn't just take the refresher stuff. He goes to them about as soon as they come up. I think since I've started talkeing to him he's done two or three new corses on various new things. Very smart man.

Ask a mechanic if they change the transmission filter out when they flush the fluid. The correct answer is yes... The transmission does half a filter. Probably 80% of the time, even Toyota tech's will go, "what filter?".

You've got to *TRUST* the mechanic doing the work. If they F up, and they fix it at their cost, then fine. Everyone messes up. To me, that's the #1 thing you look for when finding a good mechanic. Behind that would be their general skills as a mechanic.

If a mechanic won't take the time to actually TALK to you about anything car related under the sun, I wouldn't deal with them. It takes roughly ten seconds about anything dealing with performance to get every great mechanic I know (young OR old) to spend a half hour, hour talking with you. For no other reason than to talk about it. ;)

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