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Rx300 In Storage, But When I Go To Fire It Up...


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...I want to keep the engine from starting for a couple-dozen turns of the starter motor, in order to get oil everywhere under pressure. Y'know, get all the oil passages primed and get the slop out of the hydraulic valves as well as get oil all over the movin' parts and whatnot.

I use Mobil 1 in it for good measure, and after 6 months, I was near the storage 'lot', my mother's garage, so I fired both it and the '95 Intrepid we have up. The 'Trep I know I can prevent from starting by holding the accelerator pedal to the floor. I can crank it until the oil pressure light goes out, back off the pedal, and vrooom, it fires off perfectly. Keeping the acclerator down turns the fuel pump off. Conveinent in this case.

Well, the RX doesn't behave the way the Dodge does with the acclerator to the floor. Besides unplugging stuff, is there an easy way to trick the computer into not giving the engine any fuel? I mean, sure I could take out all the spark plugs, squirt some oil in, spin the engine, and then I'd just have a dry valvetrain to worry about, but I'd rather use the starter to get oil pressure up high *then* start it. Easier, that's for certain.

What's kinda frightening, to me, is both cars started immediately. I mean I stored them correctly, stabilized gasoline, battery trickle chargers, fresh gas, etc., but still, I fully expected to have to turn the key at least twice, or something. Nope, they both fired right up as if they'd been driven the day before. Gotta love modern engines.



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