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New 05 Rx330


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I have had my RX330 for about 2 weeks now and have not noticed any hesitation/jolt. Can you tell me when/under what circumstances the problem occurs?

Have they fixed it on the 05 model?



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probably has the updated ecu. use 91 octanne gas and you will also notice a better ride.

I used to use the middle octane fuel for my rx330 and it resulted in the jolt. THen my friend told me that the middle one will jolt the car...so i switched to 91 octane and it STILL DOES THAT. dont know what to do now :blink:

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Agree with jwmcgee1. We have had our Rx330 05 for three weeks. The first gear is rather short and the rpm decrease between 1st and 2nd is taking i little bit longer compared to between the other gears. It is also the way when shifting from 2nd to 1st. Is this the problem everyone is having a problem with?

I keep the right to be sensitive with cars. I have an M3 that has an abrupt engaging of the AC compressor. So when driving at 70 mph and the compressor engages it can be felt as the wind turned outside or almost like a beat was missed. But then I am quite focused. No one of my passangers have understood what I am trying to show them. The gear shift on our Rx330 has passed my quality control. And then I was aware of the problem from this forum.

It would be interesting to hear someone that is annoyed with their current car if they feel the same problem in a 05. Then I have to focus some more...


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I am usually VERY sensitive to what my vehicle is doing. I HATE hesitations or jolts of any kind. I haven't felt anything like a jolt or hesitation in the RX. Of course it doesn't shift as well as the LS but then I don't know a car yet that can compare to the LS series and I have had 6 of those including one of the first 10 in the country when they were first introduced.

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The hesitation seems to set in over time as well. I had my computer "re-flashed" and the hestitation was better, but consistently became a little worse as I put more and more miles on it after the "re-flashing".

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