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Well Bought Another Rx300


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Well yesterday i bought another Rx300. Last week i E-mailed every Lexus dealer from Ma to CT and told them what i was looking for. And sure enough, Ira Lexus in Mass. gave me a call and told me that they had what i needed. I took a 2 hour drive to Danvers to take a look.

2003 rx300, dark blue on ivory, NAVIGATION!!, heated seats, mirrors, xenon; fully loaded, with 33,585 miles. The list price for this was only $ 30,585!!!, and i brought them down to $30,600 WITH 4 BRAND NEW tires, and an extra 2 years warranty (makes 5 years bumper to bumper). They also tried to get me to have this lowjack thing, but i told them off...is this lowjack usefull?? I dont know...

Out the door $33,200.. The car is in excellent condition as i could tell, i test drove it; it was fine. No transmission trouble as i expreienced in my 99 and other 03 rx300's. No scratches at all, and leather in descent connditioon for the mileage. Since this will be for my daughter, the navigation is a good deal too.

Can't believe how good of a deal this was!!

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