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My New Project!


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Well I really enjoyed working on the instrument cluster. I like working on cars for some reason : ) Here is a pic of my next project. Sorry about the photo. It was raining that night.


I wont be doing this one for a while but what I really need to do is the rad. fluid. I plan to also remove the radiator and vacum out all the firt. I will definetly take some pics. I plan on doing that Tuesday/Wednesday. It really depends on when I play golf.

The other was the 98-00 LS info. We bought a warranty fo rthe BMW because you never know and we have already used it twice. With how these cars tend to be I dont plan on keeping it when the warranty expires at 106k. Right now the car has like 75k so it will be a while. My question is what do you all think the price of a 98-00 will be then? I want one with the Nav system if I can. I am hoping to find one with good mileage and all the options. How much do you think that will run? Imagine it in about 2 years.


Sorry about the pic. Steve said it was too big and I need to figure out how to use Windows version of Photoshop to crop it.

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