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Help! I Hosed Off The Engine Now It Runs Rough


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Well, I listened to a few suggestions about detailing the engine, some for and some against using water. I THOUGHT I was careful to protect my electronic components with bags and tape. I did not use a pressure washer, just a regular hose to rinse the under hood components.

For some stupid reason I thought it would be good to let the car dry thoroughly overnight before starting, perhaps I needed to run it right away to burn off moisture?

Now the car idles rough and hesitates while accelerating, basically runs like it needs a tuneup. It ran smooth as glass before.

I have driven the car now 3 times for at least 10 minute drives. When I removed my air cleaner assembly I noticed a bit of water on the air cleaner element but not on the side that runs to the engine. I dried that thoroughly.

Is there water somewhere that needs to dry, or did I get water in the engine, or ruin my ECU or anything else? Unfortunately I can't look for a check engine light because it is already on from a dead alternator that I haven't yet replaced.

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which year car?

i think the 92 uses a rotor and cap, if so it is probably cracked.

You will need to get the engein hot to burn off excessive water.

I always keep the engien running when water goes near it.

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Remove the spark plug covers and check that water has not gone down the tubes to the plugs. This is common on many Toyota engines. If the last mechanic did not install the plug wires very carefully, water will get down the tubes and short out the connector. You may also have water in the distributor caps, and you can remove them and dry them carefully - a bit of alcohol works well to clean the cap surface and remove the water.

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My son thought he was doing me a favor when he cleaned my engine with a hose. The car barely ran once he was done. The spark plug tubes had filled with water on the drivers side. An engine warning code appeared.

A lot of moisture will remain in the wires once you remove the water from the tubes. I removed the plug wires and dried them with a hair dryer.

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I agree with the others; I've filled my engine with water before and know exactly what you are talking about! Your cel should give off a PO30_ code (the last # is for the misfiring cylinder) depending on what cylinders(s) are filled with water. Ever since I filled my engine with water, I'm extra careful with the hose around under the hood! Good luck.

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