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How to remove your stereo from your ES300

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This is a stereo removal for a 92 Es300/Windom. Note the car is right hand drive but still the same stereo layout.

I am adding a few more pictures on how to remove your stereo unit. I found it quite easy to remove as i needed to take out the unit so I could place a band expander on the back of the Stereo as I could not receive all radio channels due to the car being imported from japan and the radio only ever picked up one radio channel.

Here is the first part

First you have to remove the air vent as shown in the picture below. Inside the air vent you shall find two clips (bottom of the vent). You have to push these clips down with a screwdriver to release the Stereo unit. When the clips pop out you then have to carefully pull the air vent out. Also the air vent is a little tight.


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Here is a shot of the side of the stereo

Once the stereo is out you will have a lots of room to play with.

TIP: make sure you place a cloth on top of your walnet console.. or you may scratch the wood effect by your transmission lever. As you can see here i did not.. but i did soon after i realised that it was make a scratch


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I found a really helpful website with color photos on how to remove stereos and amps from LEXUS cars. I had to do this for my 98ES300 Nakamichi head unit. It's in the shop now for a power circuit fault.

Anyway, the website is I found it to be a very useful information source.


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