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Timing Belt Change On My 99 Rx300awd With 120k.

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Can someone give me a mechanic reference for timing belt change on my 99 RX300AWD with 120K. I live in Los Angeles 91030.

How much would it cost approximately including timing belt, waterpump, 3 seals, 2 serpentine belts,tensioner?


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I can't help you with a local reference there in LA but what I can say is that a Toyota service department can perform this service for you for considerably less than a Lexus dealership will. I priced these services here in Raleigh last year just for reference purposes, and the Toyota service manager quoted me about 45% less than what the Lexus service manager wanted.

I agree with your mileage decision. Toyota uses a very well-engineered timing belt for the RX series that is wider and thicker than your typical timing belt. Even our local Lexus service manager admitted that they have yet to see an RX timing belt fail at less than 120,000 miles. So I'm not planning to change my wife's timing belt until she reaches 120,000 miles unless someone can convince me otherwise.

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