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Front Calipers On Rear?


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If I ever upgrade the front with either Brembo, Supra TT or LS400 4-piston calipers, what would I do with the 2-piston ones?

Can I fit them on the rear to replace the 1-pot calipers, of course with the fitting wheels?

Is there any inherent problem doing this?

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Brake systems are sized a certain way in order to achieve a certain balance.

More stopping power to the front (via Supra calipers for example) can be a good a certain point (and it depends on your particular goals/function). After you exceed that point, can be dangerous. Example, if you are able to safely able to increase your stopping power and reduce your stopping distance...that is a good thing. If you are stopping so hard (via a light tap of the brake pedal), that the entire car takes an immediate dive forward, and you end up w/ a Lexus logo embossed in your chest and your teeth being permanently stuck on the steering wheel...this is a bad thing. Slight exaggeration, but you get the point.

And this also includes the rear. What makes you think that putting the original front calipers in the rear would be a "better/good" improvement over stock?

The rear brakes don't do that much of the stopping anyway. That is why the fronts are always much bigger. Not only that, but w/ the retrofit of your front brakes onto the may or may not be able to retain your parking brake.

Not to are adding more unsprung weight to the rear wheels.

To really reduce your stopping distance,...get some really nice tires. People tend to buy crappy tires and fail to understand why they are not necessarily stopping any better.

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