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Waxing With Porter Cable

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I used my new PC for the first time properly this week.

Very happy with it :D

Polished my fathers car, and it came up sooooo well - was very happy.

But - I couldn't wax it properly. :blushing:

I was using P21S.

I applied it by hand, and then tried to buff it off using a buffing bonnet.

But - it did not come off very cleanly at all, the buffer was leaving quite nasty marks on the surface.

They looked a bit like the ones below - except no where near as bad


what was I doing wrong?

was it because I used too much wax (I didn't really use much at all though)

should I have taken the wax off by hand, and just used the bonnet to buff it up?

should I have applied the wax with the PC (if so - with what pad?)

I managed to "fix" it by buffing it for AGES - it eventually all came clean, but it took a long time.

no pics sorry - I am a crpa photographer, and they were all too washed out to be worth showing :blushing:

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well, when i worked under meguires, policy was to use the pc only to apply the wax, and then remove the wax by hand with a microfiber....totally flawless results with that regimin.


buts thats the hard way :(

:D so - which pad should I use to apply the wax, and more importantly, how do I get it out of the tub and onto the pad?

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Yeah I havent found good results using the PC to remove the wax. The P21S is so easy to apply and remove personally I dont see why you'd need the PC.

to be honest mate, I was using the PC, as I polished (sonus paintwork cleanser and a blue pad) then used the buffing bonnet, and was awestruck by how well the paintwork was coming up.

it was so smooth and shiny - it was almost silky.

so - I naturally thought "WOW - imagine how good the wax is gonna come up with this thing!".

Thinking about it - I have sorta decided to wax and buff manually, and then taking the buffing bonnet to it for the final finish next time.

I am also considering dropping the waxing stage to be honest.

I was totally impressed with Klasse All In One and Sealant Glaze when I applied them by hand to my IS, and if they come up as good as I imagine using the PC, I suspect the waxing may just be an unnecessary final step :blushing:

If so - I'll finish my tub of P21S and Souveran, and stop waxing :blushing:

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