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I Hit A Pothole -- Any Ideas?

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I was driving home from SF last night and hit a pothole on hwy 87 in SJ (after alma st exit). long story short...bent 2 rims. anybody ever try making a claim against CalTrans or suing CalTrans before ??

the damn pothole was so big (There was 2 of them) certainly others must have incurred similar damage

Here's a pic of one of the damaged wheels. I made it negative since it's easier to see ...


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Sorry to hear about your mis-hap......we've been having the same problem with the road in Toronto which are horrible. There was a news clip of the same thing you mentioned but because we are dealing with basicly the government, it's a crap have nothing to loose by trying, but don't spend a lot of time on it because they say it's highly doubtful any compinsation will be handed out :(

Keep us posted. If nothing is done to fix these rims (if they can be fixed that is), another suggestion is to try & find 2 replacements at a auto wrecker or salvage yard as I'm guessing those rims are very expensive to replace at your Lexus parts department. :blink::angry:


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I believe that there is something you can in hawaii the city and county which the pothole is in has an hotline for potholes. They also have a claim form you can fill out for reimbursement. If at all possible take a picture of the rims and the pothole culprit as evidence. Check your local resources. I would call the better business bureau or a news actionline...good luck

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Sorry to here about your luck. It looks like your rim is bent. If that is the case it is not fixable. What kind of rims do you have? Post a picture with all of us out here everywhere, we should be able to find a match or know where you can get one.

However I feel your pain bro.:cries: I took a trip to Nashville 3 weeks ago and when I got back the next day I noticed that the rear drivers side rim had a gouge taken out of it. About 1 inch in length with grooves in it right on the lip of the rim, where the rim rolls to the tire lip. It looked like a hot knife had cut through my rim and the rim was made of butter. The only thing that I can think of is that the rim went into a pot-hole and rubbed against the side of the pot-hole and knicked the rim at a high rate of speed to get that clean of a cut and not cut the tire.

post-11139-1113273979_thumb.jpg post-11139-1113274600_thumb.jpg

But since the rim isnt bent I can get mine fixed for about $50.

Not to mention that I picked up a rock that cracked the windshield too, bad luck.

I should of flown it would have been cheaper in the long run, gas + rim fix + new windshield = :chairshot:

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Sorry to hear. It is hit and miss but it does not hurt to try. Jsut don't expect the process to be real speedy. You should go back out and take pics of the pothole and the surrounding area with the pothole in the pic to prove that the pothole exists. The more proof you have the better.

Good luck.

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I don't know about Cali but Mass sucks when it comes to getting anything repaired because of a pot hole. You would think that all the taxes we pay would cover road repairs and the like. We are basically being screwed twice.

I have the same problem with my 95 GS 300 touring, if anyone knows of a good place to find the stock rim cheap then please let me know. . .


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