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Problem With Engine Bracket

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I am trying to change the timing belt in my 2001 ES300. I have looked all over this site and it looks like I am the only one who is having a problem getting this bracket off. It is the aluminum bracket that holds the "dog bone" engine movment rod on top of the engine. I have removed two nuts and loosened two bolts to the point that they just slide in and out of the holes. It looks like the bracket is hitting the bottom timing belt cover that is behind the crankshaft pulley. Some pics in my Haynes manual have the upper part of this bracket off. Mine swivels, but doesn't come off. Is is supposed to? Everything I have read says that this bracket comes off before the timing belt cover. Could it be the power steering pump belt in the way?



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If its anything like the one on my 1994 then the bracket has a pin in the center that locates it. It's an interference fit. Just keep wiggling it and it will come off!

Thanks! It looks like it would come off if I worked at it a little, but didn't want to break it. Now that I know for sure it should come off, I'll give it another go!

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