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I think I found one, guys. Have driven a few LSes, really like the 430, but didn't want to spend in the high $30s for low miles. I liked a 2001 for 29.9K, but it had 83K miles, and at 40K+ miles of driving a year, I'd be hitting a lot of the maintenance items (timing belt, water pump, bushings, tires, brakes) really quickly. It had been wrecked, but repaired nicely. Just found a 1998 LS, gold (not wild about the color), purchased and serviced at Sewell Dallas, literally owned by a little old lady who, at 90, traded it for a new LS. Yes, the odometer is correct: 14,700. It seems to be in perfect shape. There's a black streak where she probably opened a door against a pole, and a small scratch on the rear bumper. The underneath is almost spotless. The tires have just been replaced. Service shows a new battery a couple of years ago, a brake light that came on with no problem found, and that's it. Oil changes, which worries me a bit because there was so much time between them, were at 5000, 8,750, and 12,500 miles. It still smells new. It drives very well. They're doing the paperwork now, so keep your fingers crossed. I'll be bugging you to think of things I should do to it - things that should be done because of its age.

Your enthusiasm on this site for Lexus is a lot of what pushed me over the edge to switch from Benz. So thanks for all your help!!

Not LexusLooker any more

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Congrats... and welcome to your new 98LS400, of which I have one too -- going into my 3rd week with here and is loving it.

You got NAV? Got to be the best feature on the car for me. Mines is that beautiful white that makes other LS owners droooool. Oh dude, you gonna love it.

I will keep an eye out for your posts, if you encounter any problems.

On the NAV, if you have it -- check to see if it has the updated info. My system still shows 99, I think -- a 2003 version is available I think. Dude, I don't even have the street I live on in there.

Hey, be sure to have the dealer change a few things like the inside air filter, and check to make sure you don't need the hood shocks replaced. Weird thing for me -- when I test drove my car, I opened the hood and all was well, I left the car for them to finish some things and when I got it home a week later, the shocks were shot to hell, bleeding all over the engine and will not stay up... not sure what happend there so I just left it alone and leave just leave them to Karma.

congrats me fren... sounds like an awesome deal

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Thanks Larry and Linux Fan! I may pick it up today. Linux, I didn't know you just got yours - awesome. I knew from lurking here that you had an earlier model, but I must have missed the "I have a new toy" thread. Congrats!

I like the white color you have. Unfortunately, I didn't get the nav system. What I really want is the Nak sound system, but I didn't get that either. I guess I just have the economy model. It's so much an econ model that it doesn't have hood struts - just a broomstick that you have to use to prop the hood up! Thanks for that advice - I will check the hood struts. The hood didn't fall on my head when I looked under it, but I wasn't paying attention to the struts, so I'll pay more attention.

Here's what I'm thinking of doing fairly soon because of the car's age:

Oil change

Replace coolant

Check struts

Drain/refill tranny (should I do the mini-drain or a full flush thing? Nothing has ever been done to it)

Check brake pads

Flush brake fluid (?? I'll have to search on this....can't remember if you lex guys do this or not - it's a biannual thing on benzes)

Check all rubber stuff

Check all filters (interior/exterior air)

Clean up drool (mine)

Figure out a name for it (don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet)

Any other bright ideas? TIA!

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Yeah... got another, my first was a 91 and after a week I declared to my wife that I will never drive another car since from now on all I do is work to drive a Lexus. You can imagine her response.

Got the 98 a few weeks ago and all it took for her to see why was one use of the Nav system for her purpose. Now she agrees, it is Lexus from here on out for us.

I am kind of low-key on it so no big anouncement, plus I did not have the windows tinted yet -- still waiting on the guy.

Most of the fluid flush/maintenance, the dealer should do, but if they do not then do the full flush in all regards as you will know where it is. You can start a maintenance schedule as though it just came from the assembly line. Just do it like you have so far, make a list then organize them in order of importance and tackle it as you are able. I got everything done in one shot and now I am just working on cosmetic stuff like tinting, getting doors to lock when I put it in (D)rive, proper placement of my Sirius radio device, another CD cartridge (wanna sell yours?) :-) and those blasted hood shocks. That will be it for me.

You know, and it pains my heart about it, I did check those shocks before I signed for the car and cannot imagine what could have gone bad with them after I got it home a week later....... it really burns me I tell you, but I will let them have that one, if they purposely and deliberately wrecked it after I bough the car.

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Hey LinuxFan, you're not gonna believe this. I think you jixed it. Picked up the new buggy last night. Checked, in particular, the hood struts - no leakage. It was about 75 degrees outside. Drove home. Later that night, I opened the hood. You know the rest of the story already. The hood slowly came down on my head. I thought "aww, it's hugging me. :chairshot: LinuxFan!" It was about 55 degrees then, and struts are weaker when it's cooler. Oh well, project #1. Thanks for the warning!! We're gonna have to grind those puppies off?

You were right about the dealer doing the fluid changes. They did a 15K service and did the oil, tranny, in and out filters. They had just put on new tires (Proxes TPT). I'll probably still do a coolant and brake flush. I'm a computer geek too, so of course I'll make a complete list and prioritize it.

I know what you mean about being low key about it. The car has paper tags on it, and I hate the "oh, he has a new car" looks. And all the Lexus owners at work are gonna be saying "we told you to not do Benz".

Good luck on your cosmetic jobs. It'll be cool to see where you put your Sirius. I've got the CD cartridge full already - otherwise I'd give it to you! It should be easy to get one, right?


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:lol: Oh sorry dude... meant to help, not curse you.

Still this is funny as heck I tell you.

Anyway, so it goes. I know that look -- I hate it too. Thanks on the cartridge but I was kidding, watching Ebay now for one and just got a set of those clear front turn signal lights. I hate that amber to death so I got rid of it.

Anyone interested in some amber lights for a 98 front? PM me... :whistles:

I got the Sirius in yesterday, will show some pics soon and might get the tint and hood shock done this weekend. Oh, no more need to grind anything, they have shocks now that fit and won't cost you 100 bucks, but if you want to go the OEM route goto as they have it for a few bucks less or compare it to your closest dealer.

hey, congrats again :cheers:

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Yeah, thanks for all the "help", buddy :D Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. I'd ask for pix of the clear lenses and the Sirius setup, but that would probably jinx something!! But seriously, when you get some pix, share them with us. Where did you find a non-OEM shock that fits? I looked at lexusparts, and they were $83 each.

Happy Lexing

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Nice looking ride, RCFAN. Same color as mine I didn't like the gold (as I called it first...I've been corrected and it's cashmere beige) at first, but I really like it now. I like the way it sort of changes colors.

LinuxFan, what are you smoking? What did you change from amber to clear? Everything on the front of mine 98 is clear except for the side marker lights on the bumper. Maybe that's what you changed...

Washed it myself for the first time, lots of fun getting to know it. Unfortunately, I live in the country on a dirt road (I can hear the groans now), so it's realllly tough to keep it clean. I swear I looked at every inch of the car and found virtually nothing wrong before I bought it. I somehow missed a cracked amber marker lens and a scratch on the front bumper - probably a "drunk bump" by the previous 90 year old woman :)

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Mmm... interisting.

You need an amber lense as yours is cracked and I got a set I want to get rid of. Wow!

Yes, that is what I just changed, the side markers which were amber -- I think it gives a cleaner look and it seems Lexus agrees since I think the years after are devoid of any amber marker lense.

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Well, I'm pretty stupid. I should have figured that's what you were replacing. I stopped at the dealer yesterday and bought one. Maybe I should take it back and buy yours! White/clear ones, huh? They might look better. Were they expensive? Maybe I should just replace one amber one. How much do you want?

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