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Aftermarket Chrome Rims & Using Spacers


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After a long search I found the rims I wanted for my newly purchased 2002 LS 430. The rim of choice is the Lexani Iris 17" x 7.5". According to my research, any rim with a 35 - 45 degree offset would work. The Lexani's are 43degree so when I found them brand new in box on Ebay I went for it figuring I wouldn't have any issues, NOT. After finally deciding on Goodyear Assurance tires, off to the tire store I went, with the rims in tow. It was probably a good idea that I instructed them to try the rims on car before they mounted the tires. Sadness filled the air when the back of the rim was rubbing up again the caliber just enough to stop it from turning. My guess is that I would need between an 1/8 and 1/4 inch spacer, but the tire guy told me he would not sell me the tires and install them with spacers because they would fall off. I read some of the other forums, but didn't find any pertaining to the LS430. So I'm putting it out there. Am I asking for trouble, and or do I try and find a hub-centric and 1/4 " spacer set.

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Depends on how bad they rub

a 5mm spacer is the most i would use but they are not the best thing to do.

You can spend a few mroe $ and get a set of H&R hubcentric aluminum spacers.It is the best and safest way to go beside getting the right wheel offset.

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