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Question About Performance Chips


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Hi all, im new to the forum and this is my first post.

I wasnt getting any luck with the search feature so i decided to start a thread.

Can anyone recommend a performance chip or simple bolt on modifications for a new 2005 LS 430?

Im totally new to all this (anything lexus related on the Internet) so any help is greatly appreciated. This is the first website i have really looked at.

Thanks in advance. :)

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well, to be honest with you, those cihps that they sell on ebay are :censored:

real perfomance add ons will cost you few grand

and i dont think you should play around with electronics on the LS 2005

since the system is too sophisticted

and if u blew it it kills the warrantly and then you are out of luck my friend

if you have $ to get a 2005 LS why would want to put a perfomance chip in it?

for this money get urself an evo8 or 2 or 3 new mustangs and modify them

there a lot of hardware availble for both cars

LS was just not meant to be a perfomance car, its a LUXURY SEDAN plus even with stock engine it will outperform 90% of the cars on the road.

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