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1993 Gs300 Timing Belt Replacement

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I am going to try to do this in my garage. I have most tools and full service manuals for 1993 GS300. I am in no hurry and I believe I have the patience and aptitude for this job. Car has 76000 miles on it. I am original owner. I have pulled rad and associated equipment. My next challenge is to get crank bolt loose and pull harmonic balancer?? Any idea's??. I have also been told that I should change out front cam shaft seals while I am at it?? At initial look I do not think these are leaking. My questions are has any one done this job before and do they have any tips or cautions for me. I have made sure for now that I am at "0" degrees and top dead center on number one cylinder. Timing pully marks are lined up and marked. In reading some of the threads on this site, I guess I should also dump all fluids and replace while I am doing maintenance. This Car is stored all Winter's and does not get drivin much in the Summer. I would like to add performance parts for this car someday. I can send pic' if anyone is interested in progress. Any advice would be appreciated. THX.

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Study the archives at Club Lexus. There you will find owners and mechanics who say it is extremely difficult to get the crank pulley bolt loose on the inline 6 engine in your car and if you use the starter trick there is a chance you could break the starter.

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