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'94 Ls400 Backlight Indicator @ Instrumental Panel


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Hi All:

I owned a '94 LS400 and the Backlight Indicator @ Instrumental Panel is constantly on. I check the taillights and all are on OK.

These are a few suggestions I gathered from my research:

i. check brake lights

ii. removing the bulbs and clean the connectors

if you have any other ideas, please feel free to drop a note...



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That's is!

It only happen (backlight indicator) when I turn on my headlights, which will turn on the license plate lights.

Can't open the cover without damaging it..Argh!

I wonder if there is a Chilton's Auto Repair Manuals for LS400 ?



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I'd go ahead and change all of the bulbs. The malfunction light is finding low resistance in one(or more) of the lights, so even though the lights still light up, some are probably on their way out. I had this problem on my LS, and it just about drove me insane. If the malfunction light only comes on when your head lights do, then, it's probably one of the little side marker lights. Also, check your third brake light too!

In the trunk jam, there should be two screw covers next to the portion of the light that is on the quarter panel...pop them off and you'll see 2 screws that hold the light housing in, and the portion that is on the trunk has a velcro trap door--then, a philips screw and the light assembly comes out. This is how it is on my '95~I'd imagine your '94 is similar if not the same.

No Chilton's. Lexus does make a Service Manual that can be had on ebay for $100-$200 for the dual volume, hard copy set. has some other alternatives on his site.

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I finally solved this backlight indicator puzzle. My machanic inspected and replaced all the dead bulbs in the back - tail lights, brake lights, and license plate lights and the indicator still on.

I walked around the car and noticed that 2 passenger side light were out too. Changed those, and viola! The backlight indicator was gone. What amazed/confused me is that the backlight indicator covers the bulbs condition for the whole car not just the back.

Problem solved!




The problem is when I take out the screws, I am not sure thus I don't want to break the bulb cover. Any ideas ?

I should have attach a picture of it....

from what i recall, it'srews that hold the cover on over the license plate bulbs

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