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Car Won't Stay Started


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I just had the engine replaced in my 1996 LS400. I got it back the first day and it drove pretty perfect. I drove it straight home and cut it off. I had an aftermarket stereo system in it that was professionally installed. The speaker wires were run underneath the pass. seat and wired into the speaker wire for the factory amp and the orange factory amp plug was unplugged. I assumed that the orange plug was the power and plugged it back in and rewired (color coded) the factory plug and replugged it. I also replaced the display on my factory radio. I took the aftermarket radio out and rewired the three wires that were taken from the factory plug and put them back to the factory plug. I installed the factory radio and started the car. Everything worked perfect.

I cut the car off and then I got hot so I cut the car back on to get some A/C. It was fine. I got out of the car and went to get something and all of a sudden the car cut off on it's own. When I start it, it ignites and then cuts right back off. I had the mechanic pick it back up and he's replacing sensors, but so far no luck. I really don't feel that anything I did would do this, but I'm paranoid because of the timing. I also didn't tell my mechanic about me replacing the radio because I didn't want him to immediately say that it was something I did and not troubleshoot. Does anyone have any idea if the radio could have done this because it's something electrical that's shutting the car off because the mechanics computer is saying that the injectors stop working and then the car cuts back off, but the injectors are fine. I would like to know that it couldn't be related to me replacing the factory radio, but the timing of this problem scares me.


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The mileage was 187,000k, but the reason was the oil pump stopped working while my wife was driving the car and it started knocking. I had it picked up, but it was too late. I changed the oil properly, this was just a freak incident.

What do you think about the issue I'm having?

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