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1999 Rx300 Fwd Transmission Fluid Level Question


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RX300 FWD Transmission Fluid Level Question

Just did a drain and fill based on the feedback by others in this forum. Pretty straight forward, but have a question related to the appropriate fluid that should have been drained for a ‘drain and fill’ procedure. According to the 99 owners manual, 3.3 Qts for FWD and 4.1 Qts for AWD. On my 1999 FWD RX300, I drained 4 Qts / 8 Ounces, just from the tyranny pan after removing the 10mm Hex nut. I refilled with 4 Qts, but I am hesitating to add the additional 8 Oz because I think it was overfilled and I may cause damage by adding an additional 8 Oz. The previous 2 fluid changes were done by Lexus dealerships. So I figured I would replace what was drained (measured exactly). Again I don’t want to create any problems. The 99 RX3000 FWD has 65,000. This is the third tyranny fluid drain and fill, first by me.

Does anyone have any input on what they drained from a FWD version of the RX300? Should I be concerned about damage related to overfilling transmission fluid, by replacing the quantity that I drained and that has already been in the transmission for the past 20,000 miles (by a Lexus dealership)?

Any input on getting an accurate measurement from the Tyranny DIP stick? I have seen one post that provides some insight. However, specific o the AWD version of the RX300.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Use the dip stick. After a drive of 15-20 min. park on level ground with engine running pull the dip stick wipe off and reinsert, pull out and hold it horizontal in good light and read the fluid level. It should be in the hot range between the two hash marks. If it is low just add a little at a time to get into the hot range. Not sure if the 99 has the positive battery terminal right next to the tranny dip stick, but watch out if it does and the batt terminal is not covered good. The first time I checked mine the dip stick bent half way in and hit the pos term and made some sparks and put a gouge in the dip stick.


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Yep, use your dipstick as your guide. But don't just check it once - check it over the next several days in all types of conditions (transmission cold, transmission hot, etc.). Take the time to ensure that you get your fluid level right where it should be. I check the fluid in my wife's RX300 every weekend at the same time I check the oil level and tire pressures. There's no excuse not to check it.

Changing the fluid in these vehicles is so easy. With a 10mm hex wrench and a small funnel for refilling fresh Type T-IV fluid through your dipstick tube, anyone can do it and save themselves significant money.

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Just wanted to follow-up and let anyone else that refers to this post that the directions helped get the tranny fluid to a the correct level. Besides watching out for the battery terminal, also be cautious that the rag used to wipe off the transmisson fuid does not get caught in any of the fans that are moving when the car is running. Allost happen to me.

Thanks again for the responses!

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