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So Much For Community

Tommy T

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I just joined to offer this community a few owners manuals relating to specific older Lexus's which came in to my possession after the death of the father of a family friend.

But, I find that I can't offer to sell anything becasue is haven't "given anything to the community.'

Well, I just gave the manuals to the paper recycling bin at the transfer station.

So much for good intentions.

Tommy T.

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If you want to give them away free as a gensture of goodwill I'll post an ad in the Buy and Sell for you right now.

If you want to sell things to our members for profit then you have to be a contributing member of this community. This isn't ebay, its the Lexus Owners Club.

You saw that you couldn't sell them, so stormed off in a temper tantrum and threw them away? Thats pretty juvenile. I think you'd best move on along I dont think you'll fit in here.

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I love when a new member starts out on the wrong foot!  :chairshot:

Or starts out with a foot in mouth. LOL

LOL..... that's exactly what he did. Should have just asked an admin/moderator if he could sell them or give them away instead of just tossing them. Eh, oh well.

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I dought that "Tommy T" ever came back. I won't loose any sleep.

seemed ticked off. He only made one post this whole time! :wacko:

If he didnt get his message across the way he intended, he can only blame his poor communications skills. But he was way too defensive, he could have salvaged it by offering it for free.

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