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Subwoofer Boom

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I got an infinity 10" subwoofer and an infinity amplifer (a310) installed today and the subwoofer lets out a 'pop' or boom noise every time the car s turned off. I hate it! It's wired to a stock head unit and the installer said that it is going to do that because of that.

Can I alleviate this problem in anyway. I hate it so bad that I will return the sub/amp if I cannot get that shut down 'pop' to go away. (although I really like the clean bass)

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What you can do is contact the stereo shop who installed the amp and ask for them to install a bosh relay and try to find out if that amp is hooked up directly to the battery or if it is running thru the factory wiring harness. From past years when I use to compete I had that problem until I installed a bosh relay and that helpped it have a better soft turn off, although I was running 10 amps so this may only applied to my system.

Some amps will have a soft turn off and some may have what is called a hard turn off, so if I were you I would contact the mfg and ask them how to aleviate this problem you are having if the stereo shop has no clue to remedy this problem. I have found in my 15 years in car audio that most of the Mfgs. are willing to help trouble shoot your problem, because they do not want bad vibes from there end users.

Let us know how it turned out for you.



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