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Sc 400 Steering Problem


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I am a new owner of a 1994 sc 400. When I bought the car, it had Goodyear Eagles. The ride was harsh and the car was influenced by any change in the road surface. I bought BF Goodrich g-force tires and the car behaves the same way. I took it to Lexus and I also to another mechanic and they both tell me that everything in the front end is fine. Lexus replaced the PS pump because it was leaking. The other mechanic took the car for a ride and says there definitely is something wrong but he doesn't know what to do next. I searched this website but can't find any similar complaints. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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its a steering bushing i changed mine they are mounts to the rack. its two round rubber bushings that deteriorate and my symptoms were as you described and even worse when braking and also when you turn the steering wheel the car would initaly turn in and then strighten out and you need to turn more.

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